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octobre 26, 2020

Let’s Talk Careers! Canada’s Most Informed School and Students Competition
  • Job Fair

Let’s Talk Careers! Canada’s Most Informed School and Students Competition

All Day

Why Participate in Canada’s Most Informed School and Student Competition?

The ChatterHigh platform offers students the opportunity to discover existing and emergent careers, and make connections between school, post-secondary and the world of work. Let’s Talk Science, Skills Canada and ChatterHigh have teamed up to offer an exciting opportunity to engage students in career discovery.

Students will answer a 10 question quiz each day to earn points towards their personal leaderboards and the school wide totals. These quizzes allow them to research and explore thousands of higher education and career options that they may not have been exposed to any other way. The schools with the highest ranking at the end of each round will win a cash prize, and the students who answered the most questions right in the time period will also win personal cash bursaries!

Competition Dates

Fall 2020: October 26 to December 4

Spring 2021: April 12 to May 21

octobre 28, 2020

Share your thoughts and support a local business!
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Share your thoughts and support a local business!

All Day
BCCDA & CERIC’s “CareerWise” online publication would like to invite you to participate in an article writing competition on the following topic:
The Importance of Career Development in the Time of Economic Downturn« 
Dear Career Development Professionals,


The contest is open not just to our members, but also to other Career Development Professionals in BC who would like to have their voice and ideas be heard.


The direction of your essay writing is open ended in order to give you space and let you explore your ideas freely. For inspiration, you can seek to answer the common questions currently asked by many career development professionals;

  • What is a place for career development in our new reality?

  • How do we move forward?

  • What have we learned from this global pandemic event?


    Yes! The submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of our current board members. The winning entry will receive:-

    • A gift voucher worth $500 for a local business of their choice in their neighborhood .

    • One-year free professional membership of BCCDA.

    • The article will featured in CERIC’s popular online publication CareerWise . It will also be used in our quarterly newsletter and on our social media platforms.

octobre 30, 2020

  • Webinar

Ask An Expert; Career Development is a SUPERPOWER

12:00 - 1:00

Career development helps people to manage complex, unpredictable life transitions – even pandemics. Chances are it’s NOT what you experienced with your guidance counsellor or any online career test you may have taken.

Come and find out what the heck it is and why, more than ever before, it’s a superpower that can help you live the life you want to live.

novembre 1, 2020

Winnipeg Calling Recruitment Campaign
  • Job Fair

Winnipeg Calling Recruitment Campaign

All Day

Manitoban expats, skilled workers, students and recent graduates in Canada:

Winnipeg is Hiring! 

October 2020 to March 2021 

Winnipeg Calling connects skilled candidates from  
various fields to employers in the Winnipeg region. 

We are looking for local and national talent to apply for these positions 
Find out Why Winnipeg is the ideal city to live, work and study.  

Check out the Careers Site to apply for positions at some of Winnipeg’s best companies or learn more at our Winnipeg Talent Hub.   

Don’t miss out on your chance to discover  
or rediscover Winnipeg. 



This Recruitment Campaign is branded under Winnipeg Calling, working to bring home Manitoban expats, attract skilled workers in Canada, and encourage our students and graduates to stay. The Campaign helps to connect job seekers with employers looking for skilled candidates. The Campaign will be running from October 2020 to March 2021. 

novembre 2, 2020

Centennial College Career Week 2020 - Be a Changemaker: Own Your Career
  • Webinar

Centennial College Career Week 2020 - Be a Changemaker: Own Your Career

All Day

Career Week | November 2 to 6

At Centennial, our mission is to educate students for career success. We cordially invite you and your Centennial friends to participate in this Virtual Career Week, November 2-6.

Video: https://www.wevideo.com/view/1877615668

Featured Highlights

  • Signature Event: Co-Shaping the Workforce: Succeeding on Your Career Journey, featuring LinkedIn’s Perry Monaco as keynote and two interactive sessions led by industry leaders.
  • University Fair – Find your university pathways and get information from 10+ universities
  • Innovative sessions that address the new trends of digital tools in career planning, strategies to work and communicate virtually, meet the needs of job seekers, entrepreneurs and global citizens.

Monday – November 2

10 AM: Own Your Career by Career Services

1:30 PM: Panel discussion: Digital Tools in Career Planning by The Business School

3 PM: How to Work Virtually by Career Services

4 PM: Panel:  Global Citizens Get Hired: Putting Your Values to Work by GCEI, ACCEL


Tuesday– November 3

10:30 AM: Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) by SaGE

12 PM: Emotional Intelligence and Communication in the Workplace by CLA

1 PM: Pitch Your Business Idea with Seasoned Entrepreneurs by ACCEL

5 PM: Budgeting 101 with a Financial Planner by Career Services


Wednesday– November 4

10:30 AM: NOC 101 by SaGE

1 PM: 6 Global Citizenship and Equity Skills for Employment by GCEI

3 PM: Ideation to Business Model by ACCEL

6 PM: 10K Coffees – Network with Biotech/Food Science Industrial Experts Panel by Career Services


Thursday– November 5

9 AM: Co-Shaping the Workforce: Succeeding on Your Career Journey by CLA, SX3

1 PM: University Pathways: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started by Career Services

3 PM: Standing Up to Sexual Harassment by SHARE

5 PM: The Student Leaders Roundtable by CCSAI


Friday- November 6

10 AM: Staff Session: PD Tools and Resources for WFH by HR

1 PM:  Polish Your Virtual Interview with Employment Advisors by Centennial EO, Career Services

www.centennialcollege.ca/career-week for the full schedule of events.


If you have any questions, please contact Career Services at [email protected] or by phone at 416-289-5233.


Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn using #CareerWeekCC

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Sheridan Celebrates Canada Career Month 2020



Sheridan Hosts Take Your Kids to Work Day

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 9-12 pm, Virtual Event

Career Planning workshop provided for grade 9 students, hosted by Career Services, 9-10am


Participate in the National It all Adds Up Campaign

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 1-2pm

Virtual Event; #ITALLADDSUP!


Attend Career Ready Workshops

Virtual sessions for Sheridan students and graduates.

You’ve Got Skills: Nov.11, 12:30-1:30pm

Get Working: Nov.19, 1-2:30 pm

Impression Session: Nov. 24, 12-1:00 pm


Join us for our Closing Canada Career Month Fireside Chat

Discussing tips and tricks for staying resilient and inspired!

Open to all, 12-1:00

Join us at: WebEx: https://bit.ly/2JRW9FW

Please check our Sheridan Celebrates Canada Career Month flyer for a complete listing of events throughout the month.

Happy Canada Career Month Everyone! #CCM2020; #MCC2020


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Sheridan Celebrates STEM Month, 2020

9:00 - 5:00

Sheridan Celebrates a wide variety of Virtual STEM Employee Recruitment sessions and Guest Speakers thoughout the month of November. These are open to Sheridan students and the Sheridan community.



novembre 3, 2020

Rethinking Career Engagement for Older Workers
  • Webinar

Rethinking Career Engagement for Older Workers

4:00 - 5:00

There are many more options for life after 50 than were available to previous generations. Some individuals retire early, others re-engage with career, and still others continue to work well into their ‘70s or ‘80s. At this time, as we move through the global pandemic, more older workers may need to work for financial reasons and may also face greater struggles in finding employment.

Join this webinar series to discover new ways to conceptualize career development for “mature” workers and practical tools and techniques for supporting your clients to create lives that are fully engaging as well as meaningful.


novembre 4, 2020

CCM On The Move Challenge!
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CCM On The Move Challenge!


Join the On The Move Challenge!

Get moving this Career Month with an awesome coast to coast to coast challenge. For 30 minutes a day, get moving in your community, walk outside and have a career conversation with a co-worker, student or friend. 

How to join the #OnTheMoveChallenge:

  1. Create an inKin account
  2. Search for the Career Month Challenge, or use this link.
  3. Log your Move Minutes every day through #CareerMonth and join other career minded individuals to get their body and career #OnTheMove!

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